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Honor Gazette

September 2023


     Fall is upon us bringing cooler nights, splashing the trees with bright colors, and creating a flurry of activity at House of Honor Books. New books, new authors, and new places await. We will be introducing these throughout this month and the rest of autumn.

     T.S. (Terry) Burns is kicking off the month with the launch of his first book with House of Honor Books, The Beasts of the Boogie Woods. Then we will ride into North Texas with Jack LaFountain’s Death Stalks the Red River.

     We have one very special surprise in store for fans of the Ed Landry “Moon” series. We expect to release the audio version of Wolf Moon this month. But that’s not the big surprise. The series has a new voice—Cynthia Bickford. Cynthia takes over the narration as the voice of Jazz Ledoux.

Author Events

September 16th Keshia C. Willi appeared at the McKay Used Books store in Manassas, Virginia. She signed her books, Fire Tales, Johnny Be Good, and Beware the Wolf. The weather was wonderful and was her most successful book signing.


September 22-23 House of Honor Books and author Jack LaFountain was in Mena, Arkansas for the Ouachita Bigfoot Festival. This year marked our fourth stop in Mena. Besides Jack’s book Tracks, we offered Ronald Hancock’s Man Who Walks with Sasquatch and T.S. Burn’s The Beasts of the Boogie Woods. Our entire catalog of print books was available as well.

 October 14th House of Honor books will be in Sumiton, Alabama for a book fair sponsored by Booked On Main. Stop by and meet Jack.

The following Saturday, October 21st we will be at the Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival in Crossville, Tennessee. Jack LaFountain and T. S. Burns will be there signing their books. Click here for more information.

There’s a new preacher in town. He carries a gun on his hip and his sermons are striking—literally. He arrives with the full moon and Vern and Polly Carson’s son thinks he’s the boogieman. Whatever he may be, the terror that stalks by night and the pestilence that walks in darkness has returned to Carson’s Lazy L and the town of Texumma.

Buy it here.

Authors at Work

     Rick Shaw’s second novel, Can’t Go Home will be released in October. It is the sequel to New Perspectives. Rick and Amanda pass through the portal to combat new challenges.    

     Judy Snyder’s, Widow’s Dance is coming soon. Wayne Miller will be making his debut with House of Honor Books in November. His book The Sentinel in the Hollow Reed is midway in the editing process. Look for Keshia C. Willi’s, Baneshelm, the sequel to her successful Fire Tales later this year.

     Shaun McBride’s The Chronicles of Dreyfus Volume 3 and new author Mark Stephen Villa’s From the Darkness are waiting in the wings.

     House of Honor Books is proud to announce the addition of author Robert Borders to our list of authors. Robert’s book, Catching the Witch, is looking good for an October release date. Meet Robert here.

On the Air

     Judy Snyder’s short story Until the End is now on The Hidden Corners podcast.

     Rick Shaw’s short story, Strangeness in the South Forty has been featured on The Hidden Corners podcast. Listen here

     Jack LaFountain joins Nicola Johnston on her Looking Under the Bed podcast to talk about the rougarou. Listen here.

     Watch the newsletter for Jack’s upcoming interviews with Tinfoil Tales and BibleInOrder.

     A football sails over a boy’s head and bounces into the woods. Little did Scott Boone realize when he chased it that his life was about to change in ways he never could have imagined. He encounters a huge hairy man who vanishes into the woods. 

     The experience launches Scott on a long quest to find Bigfoot. Based on the author’s own encounter, Boogie Woods is an action-packed story of cryptid creatures, criminals, and a boy’s dream come true. Buy it here.

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