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Honor Gazette


Fall 2021


     Happy Fall y’all from House of Honor Books! It’s been a great year for us. Though we saw the retirement of one of our founding partners, we also saw a new partnership develop. House of Honor Books, author Jack LaFountain and narrator Cameron Buckner have come together to produce two outstanding audiobooks.

     Death Rides the Red River and Bayou Moon are now on Audible as a result of this partnering. The same team is currently working on the audio version of Tracks for release this winter. And don’t forget Face to Face with the Gods and Mann of God, Redemption are also available on Audible.

     To celebrate our audiobooks, we are offering those who subscribe to our site a promo code for a free audiobook. Subscribe and let us know which book you want, and we will email you a code. We do have a limited number of codes, so subscribe now.

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Hartselle Holiday Market

     Meet Jack and Cameron on December 4th at the Hartselle Holiday Market. They will be at 35 Tabernacle Rd, in Hartselle, Alabama from 8am until 4pm to visit with you and sign your books.


     We will be featuring two books dedicated to the tradition of Christmas ghost stories, Tis the Season and Yuletide Chills, along with all our other books. Subscribe to our site while you are there and get a promo code for a free audiobook, while they last.

New Authors

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     The new year promises new authors for House of Honor Books readers. We have several manuscripts in the pipeline that include YA adventure, fantasy, family humor, time travelers, sci-fi, paranormal, history, and poetry from more than a dozen authors.


     We hope to see Rachel Roth’s The Undead Redhead lead the way into the new year. Be sure to watch for names like Keshia Willi, Judy Snyder, Julia Yeoh, Cillian Dunne, Debra Firestone, Robin Mueller, Ryan Stevens, Steven Turner, Jake White, and James Huss.


     We offer a very grateful thanks to all who submitted manuscripts with us.

Introducing  Cameron Buckner

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     Cameron is the narrator of two amazing podcasts, Dixie Cryptid and What If It’s True. If you’re a fan of Bigfoot stories or some just plain creepy tales, you can’t do better than these two shows. The shows are available on Audible as well as YouTube. There are links provided to take you to the podcasts. Cameron recently interviewed Jack LaFountain on Dixie Cryptid. Here’s also a link for that if you would like to listen to them talk about Bayou Moon and Death Rides the Red River. Click here for interview.


     Do you have a creepy story or a Bigfoot encounter to share? Cameron has a submission form so you can send the story to him and maybe hear it on one of the podcasts. He is the author of his own series of stories featuring his rough and tumble character, Steve Lilly. Check out Steve on Dixie Cryptid.


The Sequels Are Coming! The Sequels Are Coming!

     Blood Moon is the much-awaited sequel to Bayou Moon. Ed Landry is back. After fleeing Lockett, he arrives in Mineral Springs, Oklahoma to find he has not escaped the howls of the werewolf. When a killing spree reminiscent of the one in Lockett begins, Landry is called in to help the local police. He joins deputy James Overton and a mysterious stranger by the name of Carl Pointer in the search for the killer.


Mann of God, Judgment continues the Mann of God series. Rev. Kit Mann travels to Lincoln, Nebraska to stand trial for murder. He and his traveling companions arrive unaware that Dr. Lancaster’s letter to his old friend, the Governor, seeking a pardon has not arrived. The letter is in the hands of a young lieutenant of cavalry who is hurrying to Lincoln while contending with an injured horse, train robbers, fever from a gunshot wound and missed trains. The story was Jack LaFountain’s entry into this year’s National Novel Writing Month. Written in just twenty-four days, Mann of God, Judgment is a stirring Christian Western read that you won’t want to miss.


Our Special Thanks

Become a House of Honor Books Author

     House of Honor Books has been truly blessed this year and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to our success. We wish to thank our authors and staff for their hard work. Thank you Cameron Buckner, Matt Davis, and Wilcox Ekenta your awesome narrations.


     Most of all a heartfelt thanks to our readers and listeners. You are the heart of House of Honor Books and we are grateful for your making our efforts a success. It is your partnership in imagination that brings our stories to life. Every story needs to be read and heard as much as it needs to be told. You are the reason we write.

We wish everyone a blessed and happy holiday season and look for great things in 2022.

     Do you have a completed manuscript for the next bestseller? Or maybe just a story you want to share with the world? House of Honor Books welcomes new authors to submit their work.

     We are growing and invite you to become part of that growth. We are a traditional publisher and offer better than standard royalties. Please see our submission guidelines page for more information.

Our Featured Story

Brrr, it’s twenty-six degrees here in Alabama this morning. Winter is racing to make a big entrance. To celebrate, we are offering a story you might have missed. Skip the crowd at the mall today and bundle up with Frost.

Click here to read Frost.

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