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Honor Gazette

June 2024


Summer is here. It’s time for sitting on the porch or on the beach with a cool drink and a good book from House of Honor Books. Fantasy, thriller, action/adventure, Western, Christian fiction, or horror, we have one for you. If you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited all our books are available at no extra charge. That’s about as close to free as we can get. However, you can download the Kindle app for your computer or phone for free. Download it here.

Coming Up

July 13-14th. Keshia C. Willi is signing books at the Columbus, OH Book Festival.

July 21st House of Honor will have a booth at the Nerdy Noel Mid-Summer Market. The event takes place at Stovehouse in Huntsville, Alabama from 11 am to 5pm. Authors Rick Shaw, Robert Borders and Jack LaFountain are planning to be there to sign books.

New Books

Dead in Deadwood by Jack LaFountain was launched this month just in time for Wild Deadwood Reads. It is a collection of ten stories of the paranormal, including the story, What Dead Again?. The unnamed author from Dead Man’s Hand is back in Deadwood and his luck hasn’t improved.

Buy Dead in Deadwood.

Author Spotlight

Keshia C. Willi is one of House of Honor Books brightest lights. Her four books: Fire Tales, Baneshelm, Beware the Wolf, and Johnny Be Good have been well received by readers. She has also caught the eye of the Northern Virginia Daily and local television stations. She will be interviewed July 2nd for an article in the Northern Virginia Daily.

In October, Keshia will be signing books at the Fredericksburg (VA) Independent Book Festival. She has been invited to be a panelist on their Mystery, Horror, and Sci-Fi panel.

Check out her author page.

Flutterby Fairy Festival

Have you read Keshia C. Willi’s fantasy duo, Fire Tales and Baneshelm? The folks at the Flutterby Fairy Festival have. Keshia was there this month and sold out of both books. Step inside her world of fairies, magic, love, hate, and heroism for a summertime escape.


Buy Fire Tales and Baneshelm.

Listen to Jack LaFountain’s conversation with Jennifer Carr. They are talking about writing, publishing, and making connections in the literary world. Get the lowdown on how he got started writing and how he works with his characters to tell their stories. The episode aired May 29th. Jack had a second interview with Jennifer while the first was being aired and the date for that interview is pending.

Community, Publishing, and the Craft of Writing - A Connected Conversation with Jack LaFountain - YouTube

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