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Jamie Cheney

My name is Jamie Cheney, and I am a full-time middle school English teacher in Upstate New York. I love using audiobooks in my classroom and listening to them in my free time and it has always been a dream of mine to be a narrator!


A big shout out to my husband, Adam, for helping me with the recording piece of this- you would all only have audio playing from your left earbud if it wasn’t for this guy.

Dead Flies audio cover (1).jpg

Dead Flies. Coming in May 2023

Take a walk through the world of the macabre. From Genesis, the story of two young girls at a roadside barbecue stand, to the post-apocalyptic vision in, If They Bleed, these eleven short stories will take you to the edge and push you over the cliff.

Buy it in Kindle or paperback here.

Click the cover to buy it on Audible.

Dead Files Sample
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