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Mark Stephen Villa

Mark is 63 and was born in New Mexico in 1960. At the age of four, he relocated with his family to Michigan in 1964. At the age of seventeen, he gave his life to the Lord. At the age of 20 in 1980 he began training for ministry under a senior pastor in the Pentecostal Church Organization in Michigan for Public Speaking, Church Management, and Service Leader. While training in ministry Mark also worked in various fields of building and hospital maintenance while continuing in ministry work as a pastor's assistant.

Then in 1993, he changed his career to real estate and property development, while continuing working with local churches in ministry and Bible teaching, along with singing on the worship team and leading services.

In 2012 Mark received the calling to move to the Philippines and enter the ministry full-time to teach and train new pastors. Mark has received various certificates of recognition and appreciation from many churches in the Visayas of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Also received a certificate of Appreciation as a Guest Speaker and Lecturer at the 5 Fold Ministry Seminar for Dumangas Christian Ministers Fellowship in the Province of Iloilo. A Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Education of Negros Occidental.

These are just a short list of several Certificates of Appreciation for being the Guest Speaker and Lecturer that Mark has received in the Republic of the Philippines.

In 2013 Mark married his lovely Philippine wife, Marivic. He still resides in the Philippines to this day with his wife while continuing to train pastors and minister to local churches.

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