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Honor Gazette

December 2023


Welcome to our last newsletter of 2023. It has been a good year for House of Honor Books. We have published fifteen books and introduced four new authors this year. We are thankful to all our faithful readers and those who joined us at our events around the country this past year. You are the ones who make all the work that goes into our books a success. A special welcome to those who came out to meet us at Nerdy Noel and the Host of Christmas Past.

New Books

Hunter's Moon cover.jpg

Hunter’s Moon made its way into print and e-book formats just ahead of Christmas. You’re invited to the wedding of Ed Landry and Jasmine Ledoux. You can even go along on their honeymoon cruise—the FBI is. While being watched, Ed and Jazz become the watchers. They encounter a group of women with a secret, they’re not completely human and they have friends in dark places. Buy Now.

WJR Miller’s book, Sentinel in the Hollow Reed, launched at the end of November and is doing well. Meet Caenos Sillo, blue skinned outcast from the planet’s inner world who comes into the possession of the Sword of Fate. The sword has chosen him, not he the sword, but with the blade comes the responsibility to thwart the Unmaking of the world by Sil’aat the Devil. Buy now.


The town of Widows Dance was founded on misfortune and evil. Its roots have grown, and the fruit of their origin are ripe. Calling up an army of demons to do his bidding the man known as DD, Devil’s Disciple, has declared war on the good people of Widows Dance.

The people of the town are terrified by the senseless murder and mayhem happening around them. Most refused to leave their homes. Michaela, her daughter, and their band of friends are the only ones standing in evil’s way. They decide to take the fight to the enemy. Who will walk away after the smoke clears, no one knows for sure.

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Now on Audible

Robert Border’s book, Catch the Witch, has made the leap to audiobook. Kelly Sloat does a wonderful job reading this book about a teen girl. When her homeroom teacher dies under mysterious circumstances, Lythe, her sister, and best friend are determined to find out what really happened. Making the guilty pay proves more difficult than they ever imagined. Click here to buy now.

Death Stalks the Red River is now on Audible. The book is narrated by Coley who lives in the north Texas-southern Oklahoma area where the story takes place, bringing an authentic western flavor to this chilling tale. This is the third book in the Red River trilogy by Jack LaFountain. Click here to buy now.

On the Horizon

new year.jpg

In January, we hope to launch book four in the Mann of God series, Resurrection. Jack LaFountain explores the town of Zion’s rise from the ashes to become a frontier boom town. The rush begins in the shadow of murder and spirals out of control. Kit Mann is driven to the edge when trouble spills over into his home.

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Listen to Jack LaFountain speaking with David Doty on this Faith Friday interview.

Faith Friday Interview with Christian Author Jack LaFountain, writer of The Mann of God Book Series (

Want to know more about our authors? Be sure to visit our blog, Author Antics and read about how they got started, what inspires them, and where the make the magic happen. Click here.

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