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JackLaFountain's chilling tale of bayou vengeance comes to life with the masterful narration of Cameron Buckner of Dixie Cryptid

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Nineteen chilling stories of the sacred, the famed and every man.

Narrated by Steven Molony

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Tokens of Perdition Audio Sample 1
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Ned is a 15-year-old talking chimpanzee trying to fit in the world of high school.

Narrated by James Lewis Huss

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Kit Mann's past just rode into town and he's in fore the fight of his life.

Narrated by Matt Davis.

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Redemption Mann of God Chapter 1
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Study of what it means to be a Christian.

Narrated by Bob McCoy.


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Ride with the men of the Lazy L as they fight for survival on the Red River.

Narrated by Cameron Buckner of What If It's True.

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Track Bigfoot through the year in these four encounters.

Narrated by Cameron Buckner.

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The thrilling sequel to Bayou Moon. Ed Landry is in Oklahoma battling shapeshfters.

Narrated by Cameron Buckner

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Kit Mann is on trial for murder as the cavalry rides to the rescue.

Narrated by Chris Tatum

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SAMPLE (from Ch3)
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Fantasy adventure where magic meets love and a struggle for power.

Narrated by Kacey Sophia

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Fire Tales Sample
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 Narrated by

Cameron Buckner

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Ex-Confederate officer Vernon Carson has tried his level best to peaceably distance himself from the War. Especially from certain haunting memories. But the horror has found him again and moved in right next door.

With clenched jaws and clenched fists, Vern knows he must settle the score. He owes it to his slaughtered neighbor. He owes it to his savaged troops. But most of all, he owes it to himself. The dice have been thrown. Either he—or that nightmare thing he must now face—one or the other is about to be planted six feet under the dirt of Reconstructionist Texas. Click the cover to buy now.


Bigfoot encounters are transformative. Tracks leads you to a Sasquatch for every season.

A World War I combat veteran, an Oklahoma teenager, and a self-effacing college student all have their lives altered by a chance encounter with the elusive creature. Come winter step into Sasquatch’s big tracks and face icy winds and trudge through deep snows beside Bigfoot himself, holding your breath anxiously as he struggles to survive and provide for his little family.

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Sheriff Ed Landry is called to the scene a savage murder. His calling to serve and protect his little town is challenged as never before.

A cloud of superstitious fear descends as the combat veteran and his men go on the hunt for the fiend behind the senseless slaughter of innocents. The depth of evil they uncover spells a grisly death for anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with the Rougarou roaming the town.


Landry’s sense of justice and duty clash in a struggle to make sense of it all. But first, he must simply stay alive. Click the cover to buy now

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Ed Landry is on the run, chased by his haunted past and plagued by the ghostly voice of old Johnny St. Pierre. He finds himself in Oklahoma—and the wolves are howling again.

The ex-sheriff is quickly entangled in a web of lies and shapeshifting foes bent on his bloody end. Landry is joined by Deputy James Overton and a mysterious stranger with an even stranger explanation of why this keeps happening to Landry.

The moon is high and evil means to stain it blood red. Join Landry and his friends in a fight to the death under the Blood Moon.

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The bill has come due for Magic Mike’s death and Ed Landry has to pay up—the voodoo queen of New Orleans insists on it. Jazz Ledoux arrives in Oklahoma with the message, get home, Christy’s been kidnapped.

On the road back to Louisiana, Landry falls under the power of a spell that carries him to Lockett in visions. Friends and enemies alike take on new shapes as Landry is forced into a showdown on the bayou. This fight for his life will leave him bloodied.

Don’t miss this third book in the Ed Landry series.

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Suddenly finding yourself in another dimension can really alter your perspective—on the world, on love, and even on your chances of survival. Searching for a missing diver, Rick swims through a recreational dive tube and emerges in a different world.

He learns the missing diver was killed on the other side and that one inhabitant of the other dimension has been visiting Star Lake. The visitor is hungry for the technology on Rick’s side of the portal and will stop at nothing to get it.

On the other side Rick meets and falls in love with Amanda. With the help of her brother, the local sheriff, they try to stop the thief. Their efforts may have opened the portal wider allowing the entrance of gigantic creatures. If Rick survives, he may be forced to choose forever between the world where he belongs and his new love.

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Outlaw killer Kit Mann finds salvation and a new life as a frontier preacher. The mistakes of the past may be under the blood, but they are still holding a gun to his head.

When his old gang rides into town, the guns, and the truth come out. Mann has no choice but to face down the truth. 

Join the Mann of God’s bloody struggle to overcome the past reclaim the town’s trust and find redemption.

Redemption is the first book in the Mann of God series.

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     Rev. Christopher Mann saved his town from a band of outlaws. Now, he faces an even greater challenge—trying to save himself from the hangman. No longer running or hiding, he returns to Lincoln to stand trial for the crime that propelled him into the ministry.

     A young cavalry officer battles a train wreck, a gunshot wound and a fever in a race to deliver the seemingly cursed letter that might secure Mann’s pardon. Will he arrive in time?

Meanwhile, Mann is facing a prosecutor who has yet to lose a case, and a tough, no-nonsense judge, as he tries to prove the truth of the life altering power of the Gospel to the twelve men sitting in judgment upon him.

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Explore Christianity at an intimate level in this inspiring short study and refreshing examination of timeless beliefs.

Come, “taste and see” how good the Lord is on the spiritual adventure of daily Christianity. Jesus laid down the great principles to follow. How to apply his commands rests in the hands of His Spirit who guides the believer to find out—by personal experience—by experimentation—as they follow the footsteps of Jesus.

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This story is a fictionalized account of real events experienced by the author while he lay in a coma for ten days, hovering between life and death.

He hopes he is bound for heaven. He is not. Instead, he lands in a world where he continually struggles against the assaults waged against him by a powerful being. This fight leads him eventually into a cosmic war between two antagonistic alliances of Gods.

Join him now in his fight against tyranny and injustice. and meet the Gods and demigods and the human souls who were his friends and comrades there…and those who were his enemies.

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Tokens of Perdition is a collection of short stories by Jack laFountain. The stories take you from a visit with a witty, urbane ghoul to working the night shift with a nurse whose patients are afflicted with the worst case of Sundowner's Syndrome she has ever seen.

In between are sacred stories to uplift you, murderers to frighten you, and an unforgettable ride through the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't town of Perdition.

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Look out, Texas! A rambunctious menagerie from the Land Down Under has arrived bent on new adventures in Hill Country. On their vacation, the bears and their human friends encounter the weeping woman, La Llorona, a haunted brooch, and the fabled White Horse. However, the adventure has just begun.

One of their new human friends has been kidnapped by a pack of Skinwalkers. It’s up to the bears to rescue the girl and her brother. Join the Rebel Bears and company in moments of light-hearted fun and mortal peril in their romp across Texas.

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Ailadwr has been raised on his mother’s tales of fays, demons, and magical creatures, of The Light and The Dark, told around the fire. Scoffers deride such stories as mere “fire tales”. However, Ailadwr believes. His belief comes to life when he encounters the fairest of the fays, Aeddefa and love steals his heart.

When his father dies by the hand of cruel oppression. Ailadwr, strengthened by his discovery that the fire tales are true, goes in search of the magical sword, Maelcethin with which to set his people free. He quickly learns that freedom comes at a great cost.

He seizes Maelcethin and unleashes all the powers of both light and darkness into the world. Demons, fays, and men all hungry for power, collide in a war for supremacy, and a chance to settle ancient scores. Ailadwr is launched into a battle not only for his life, but his soul.

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Her love has endured for over 2,500 years without signs of waning as she gathers cast-off children to call her own. The undead redheaded girl living in a Tennessee mall is something the world has not seen before or since. She turns the unwanted and the unloved into a family of the undead.
Follow her drawing of three disaffected and abused teens into her world. In a dark code of justice, they feast on the abusive and oppressive while fighting off all who get too close to the truth with ruthless savagery.

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Submitted for your approval…the introduction to the old television classic serves equally well as a key to unlock the doors of imagination to these Twisted Tales. Here a child’s toy, a code of honor, and a marble angel are among the signposts along the path to a place where “What If” rules the day.

It gets foggy here and there are times when it’s best not to sleep. Things are not always as they seem. Kindly rescuers are not friends, thugs are not enemies, and little old ladies are not helpless. You’ve just crossed over into Twisted Tales.

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Ned is a freshman in high school and like any normal 15-year-old, he struggles to fit in, goes to parties, drinks, gets in fights, and even experiments with drugs. Then, there’s Hay, the girl he loves. Ned has one other rather unusual challenge—he’s a chimpanzee.

Part of an experimental program, PAN—the Program of Ape iNtegration, Ned can talk, and with speech comes conscience. He is sent to assimilate with humans. He struggles with the nickname HomiNed, though he begins to accept it, he finds will never truly fit in and Hay will never reciprocate the love of a chimpanzee.

Fights, drugs, and trouble with the law set him on a stormy course. His life is caught up in a delicate balancing with an uncertain end.

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Chilling tales told in midwinter around a warm fire date back to antiquity. It is the time of year when days are short, darkness lingers, and the barrier separating the living from the dead is thin. Stories of the stark cold and the visits from the dead remind us of the warm blessings of hearth and home.

Ed Landry joins in this tradition of chilling Christmas tales. His encounter with Krampus is one of the stories in this collection of holiday hauntings, haints, ghosts, and strange happenings, each one perfect for a dark day’s reading by the fire.

Gruss von Krampus!

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