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Honor Gazette

July 2023


     Summer has arrived in north Alabama with a vengeance and things are heating up at House of Honor Books too. A special welcome to all of you who signed up for the newsletter at Nerdy Noel.

     We currently have eight manuscripts in our editing process and four waiting for an open slot. Six of the eight being edited are by new authors (see our Rising Stars).

     Congratulations to Rick Shaw on his book, New Perspectives, being placed on the shelves of the New Berlin (Illinois) Library. Keshia C. Willi was at the Strasburg (Virginia) Community Library in June speaking about her writing experience and books with young adults. Afterward, she signed copies of her books for fans.

Coming Events

Keshias ad signing.jpg

August 5—Keshia C. Willi will be signing her books at the Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester, Virginia from 11 am-1 pm.

We're Going Squatchin'

     House of Honor Books will be returning to Mena, Arkansas for the Ouachita Bigfoot Festival in September. This will be our fourth appearance at the festival which is held annually at the Blue Zipline and Farm.

     Ronald Hancock’s Man Who Walks With Sasquatch and Tracks by Jack LaFountain will be available as will the entire House of Honor Books catalog. We hope to have Terry Burn’s Boogie Woods, another Bigfoot tale, ready to go in time for the festival.

In October we will be in Crossville, Tennessee for their Bigfoot Festival. Terry Burns and Jack LaFountain will be signing their books. The event drew a large crowd last year and we are hoping for another successful visit there.


Find out more.

Authors on the Airways

     Jack LaFountain’s interview with Sally Barrilla of the Detective Writer podcast airs on Monday, July 17th at 3 pm Eastern time. Come listen to their discussion of interacting with their characters and the road to publishing their first books.  

     Keshia C. Willi’s also met with Sally and that podcast will air the last week of July or the first week of August.

Coming to Audible

     The Man Who Walks With Sasquatch is nearing completion and will be available on Audible soon. It is narrated by Seth Jackson who masterfully captures the rural, downhome feel of the hills of Kentucky found in Ronald Hancock’s story

Looking Under the Bed Logo.jpg

     Jack will be talking rougaroux with Nicola Johnston, on her Looking Under the Bed podcast. The interview will be recorded on Tuesday, July 18th.

     The date and time for that episode airs will be announced as soon as it is set.

Nearing the Launch Pad

     Cillian Dunne’s tale of troubled musician, Jackson Crow’s cross-country drive in the company of Highwaymen, entitled True West, is in the final stages of preparation.

     The Boogie Woods, by Terry Burns, a story of Sasquatch encounters and discovery is not far beyond True West.

     Right alongside them is Rick Shaw’s second book in his trilogy. The follow-up to New Perspectives is called Can’t Go Home.

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