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Honor Gazette


May 2022


Blood Moon

   Spring is here and House of Honor Books is showing new signs of growth. Blood Moon, the second book in Jack LaFountain’s Ed Landry series is now live on Audible. Cameron Buckner of Dixie Cryptid and What If It’s True podcasts narrates Landry’s adventures once again.

   Bears in the Woods by Julia Yeoh, The Undead Redhead by Rachel Roth, Fire Tales by Keshia C. Willi, and Twisted Tales by Judy Snyder, are in the final stages of preparation and will be launched soon. There will be a little more on these later in this newsletter.

   We want to extend a special thanks to all our loyal readers for your continued support. As of this writing, over 1300 of our audiobooks have been sold on Audible. Kindle tracks the number of pages of our books that are read each day. Our readers average over 1500 pages read daily—you’re awesome!

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   The popular sequel to Bayou Moon is now available on Audible. Cameron Buckner has narrated and produced the audio version of the book. His reading of a chapter from the book appeared in a special edition of Dixie Cryptid. You can find it on YouTube here.

   Ed Landry is on the lam. Destiny has dropped him into the town of Mineral Springs, Oklahoma in time for the start of a rampage by shapeshifting killers driven by blood lust.


Buy it on Audible


Pondering Podcasts

   House of Honor Books is seriously looking into launching our own podcast featuring interviews with our narrators and authors. We hope to include readings by our authors of their works and reviews of the books they are reading. We plan to cover our upcoming book launches on the podcast as well as doing some Facebook live sessions.

We’re asking for your help in coming up with a name for the podcast, so send us your title suggestions to If we use your title, we’ll send you a free book from our catalog.

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Would you like a signed edition of one of our books? You can get one addressed to you or to a loved one to give as a gift.

For details, email us at

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House of Honor books and Cameron Buckner of Dixie Cryptid podcast are working on an episode featuring stories from four of our authors: Rick Shaw, Judy Snyder, Julia Yeoh, and Keshia C. Willi. Watch your email for the word of the episode’s premier.

bayou dawn.jpg

   Rachel Roth’s epic drama swirls around the red-haired, silver eyed, Adrasteia, an ancient, vampiric dragon haunting the local mall in Riverwade, Tennessee.


   Adrasteia, known as Ruby by the people of Riverwade, is collecting children from among the abused while dispensing her own brand of justice.

Bears in the Woods

   No matter what your age, you will enjoy this romp through the Texas hill country by a company of teddy bears on holiday from Sydney, Australia.

   On the way to their destination they meet La Llorona and a ghost cat. Later they encounter the fabled White Horse, are haunted by cursed jewelry, and attacked by Native shapeshifters bent on kidnapping their companions.

   But it’s not all scares and frights for the Bear Rebels. They are introduced to Tex-Mex cuisine, ziplining, and the natural attractions of Texas. In exchange they share a cricket match and a daring rescue with their hosts.

This novel by Julia Yeoh will entertain you the whole way through.

Books on the 


You may remember one of our featured stories, Click Clack by Judy Snyder. Judy’s back with an entire collection of tales reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.

Discover the power of angels, meet ghostly guardians, or take an uneasy stroll through a mysterious fog that will definitely change your life. But be prepared for the sudden twist at the end.

Fire Tales

   Step into Keshia C. Willi’s fantasy world of mythical creatures, fays and demons. Their stories, believed to be no more than tales told around the fires of men, come to life when Ailadwr plucks the magical sword Maelcethin from the ground. Armed with the sword Ailadwr leads his people into battle against the Iron Men.


   Light and Dark meet as he forms alliances with demons and fays in his quest for his people’s freedom. Aildwr risks heart and soul to win the prize. However, victory comes at a price. Take your seat by the fire and learn how he fares.  

homined-compbook2 (1).jpg

   The story of a scientifically altered chimpanzee’s trials and tribulations encountered while trying to fit into his high school class is coming to Audible. Ned thinks and talks his way through his assignment on Lord of the Flies, feelings of love, trouble with the police, drugs, video games, and the death of his father.

   HomiNed is an interesting look at, for good or ill, what it means to be human. This wonderful story being produced and narrated by the author—James Lewis Huss.


   This eclectic collection of nineteen short stories comes from the mind of author Jack LaFountain. Drop in for a visit with The Ghoul Next Door or spend an evening at a retirement home for aging vampires. The stories are brought to life by the many voices of multi-award-winning actor Steven Molony.

   Steven brings his talent from stage and screen to the world of audiobooks for this exciting collection of stories. Tokens of Perdition is coming soon to Audible and iTunes.

Our Featured Story

   The hour was 0400. The annual ceasefire in honor of Tet, the lunar new year, had bathed the late January night in restful silence. Stealthily then, the combined forces of the North Vietnamese People’s Army and the Viet Cong of the south started closing in around the Americans and their allies at Chu Lai Combat Base. Only the low rumble of mortar shells announced the incoming assault. Rockets abruptly exploded on impact, shattering living quarters…and the men inside of them. Sirens wailed. Shocked out of their sleep, Marines hastily grabbed their gear, crawling for the relative safety of the in-ground bunkers that lay in between the flimsy plywood hooches. The night lit up with the flames that were rising from the hangars and the aircraft on the flight line. The Tet Offensive had come upon the base with a fury.


Click here to go to the full story.

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