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Honor Gazette

April 2024


March was tax time at House of Honor Books and, as you may have noticed, the tax man took our newsletter. That’s a better story than that our editor failed to make the deadline and is scrambling to get this one out. Better stories are what we’re about.

We would like to thank all our readers for the taxes we paid. It may sound strange, but the fact that we have taxes to pay means readers have been buying our books. While we try to help authors get started in the publishing world, readers are #1. When our authors go to their special place to write, you the readers, are on their minds.

New Books

Destroy the Witch


Robert Borders’ sequel to Catch the Witch is now available in Kindle and Paperback. Lythe is still being relentlessly hunted by the Man in Black. Battling enemies old and new, she travels the country with her family, her best friend, a former teacher, and a Catholic priest. Will their combined force be enough to stop the man with the mad smile? Or will he make Lythe a subject in his dark army?


May 18th House of Honor Books will be in Arab, Alabama for the 40th Poke Salat Festival. Come out and meet our attending authors.

May 25th Authors Judy Snyder and Rick Shaw will be at the 2024 Bookfair and Open House at the Judah Robinson Foundation, 223 Spring St in Aurora, IL.

June 8 Keshia C. Willi will be at the Flutterby Fairy Festival in Winchester, VA.

June 14-15th Jack LaFountain will be in Deadwood, South Dakota for Wild Deadwood Reads. He will be reading from his new book on that Friday night.

July 13-14th. Keshia C. Willi is signing books at the Columbus, OH Book Festival.

We are awaiting final approval for our booth at Nerdy Noel Mid-Summer Market on July 21st. We hope to have four authors there to sign books.

Author Antics

Be sure to stop by our blog and read about our authors and what they think.

On Audible



Keshia C. Willi’s fantasy world introduced in Fire Tales comes to life again in Baneshelm. Magic is dying, and the world with it. Man has forgotten his past, but Aeddefa the Fay remembers, and she has returned to the land of Men to restore the birthright of the Fae. Now she must face her greatest enemy, Siodadel the False, who threatens to destroy all of Magic and the world of Fae. To conquer her foe, Aeddefa must raise the dead.

It was with some trepidation that House of Honor Books launched out into the world of audiobooks back in January of 2021. The reception our books have found has exceeded our expectations.

The same can be said for the reception given narrators Coley and Cynthia Bickford who had the daunting task of taking on, in midstream, the narration of our two-bestselling series. Be sure to take a listen to Cyntia in Wolf Moon and Hunter’s Moon and Coley in Death Stalks the Red River.

Trails of Trouble


This is Jack LaFountain’s first foray into the realm of fantasy. Bryn Bou is a student at the Military Academy where his father, General Bou, is a living legend and the Commandant. Bryn has plenty of fight in him, but he’s no warrior and not the stuff of legend. While struggling with how to break the news to his father, he has a vision. Hearing of Bryn’s vision, the village seer, in defiance of the High Council, sends Bryn on a journey he may not survive, and from which he cannot return home.

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