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Wayne Miller

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters, literary acrobat, and spiritual godson of Poe and Barnum, WJR MILLER (Wayne to his friends) is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS and is the Grand High Poobah of Cheezism, the movement he founded (it isn’t organized enough to be called a religion, besides which it isn’t religious) dedicated to providing audiences with the finest in entertainment options on the page and for the stage. (On the big screen, too, if Spielberg ever returns any of his phone calls.)

A lifelong native of Alabama, Miller began writing stories before he even learned the alphabet; he drew sequential pictures, like in a comic book. Miller has previously written for the websites; and Legless Corpse Films; and after languishing in the nether regions of the publishing industry for years, he chose to combine his twin passions, writing, and Theatre, and by accident and providence discovered his life’s purpose: to be a showman. To date he has written, directed, and produced (and occasionally acted in) over two-dozen stage plays under the Evil Cheez banner, specializing in Horror and True Crime, though his work runs the gamut from children’s plays, musicals, and comedies to the historical biography of a murderous shark.

Miller’s first novel with House of Honor, The Sentinel in the Hollow Reed, a rough beast that refused to be born until its proper time, tormented him for years, gestating in his subconscious until it, like the natal xenomorph in Alien, burst forth in a welter of gore and terror to run rampant and unrestrained. That novel’s “blood”—the ink on the pages—having attained full acidity, may well eat through the paper.

Miller is a devotee of Ed Wood, the “worst director of all time!” who, due to his unflappable dedication to his muse and unrestrainable creative drive, serves as Miller’s inspiration and hero.

“One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp.” –Ed Wood

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