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Judy Snyder

Even as a wee child, Judy Snyder entertained family and friends by telling stories.  Influenced by Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock, Ray Bradbury, and all those wonderful B monster movies growing up it was natural for her tales to take on that flavor.  


As she spun her tales in written and spoken word she'd hear over and over again, "You ought to write a book!" And so she has.

Judy lives in Aurora, Illinois with her cat.

Judy Snyder

Submitted for your approval…Judy Snyder's collection of short stories, Twisted Tales unlocks the key to imagination and transports readers into the rich tradition of storytellers like Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock.

In the world of Twisted Tales, a child’s toy becomes an instrument of death, a strict code of honor demands a hard justice, and a simple marble angel works a heavenly solution. These are the signposts along way to a place where “What If” rules the day.

It gets foggy here and there are times when it’s best not to sleep. Things are not always as they seem. Kind rescuers are not friends, thugs are not enemies, and little old ladies are not helpless. You’ve just crossed over into Twisted Tales.

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 Trespauze Manor is Judy's home for haunted adventures, stories, and more. Be sure to tell her House of Honor Books sent you. 

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The town of Widows Dance was founded on misfortune and evil. Its roots have grown, and the fruit of their origin are ripe. Calling up an army of demons to do his bidding the man known as DD, Devil’s Disciple, has declared war on the good people of Widows Dance.

The people of the town are terrified by the senseless murder and mayhem happening around them. Most refused to leave their homes. Michaela, her daughter, and their band of friends are the only ones standing in evil’s way. They decide to take the fight to the enemy. Who will walk away after the smoke clears, no one knows for sure.

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