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Honor Gazette

January 2024


The snow and freezing weather that greeted the new year had us locked down for a week here in Alabama. It was a good time to think about traveling to events in 2024. We are looking at appearances in Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Dakota as well as at home in Alabama.

As always new books are in initial edit from our established authors as well as new authors. Launch dates will be announced as the books move into their final edit and proofreading.

Now on Audible

Hunter’s Moon made its debut on Audible this month. This is the second book in the “Moon” series read by Cynthia Bickford. It spent a lot of time in the Top 25 in Occult Horror and is now at #40. Listen to a sample on our Catalog page.

Buy it now.

Nerdy Noel

In December House of Honor Books had a booth at Nerdy Noel in Huntsville, Alabama. Authors WJR Miller, Robert Borders and Jack LaFountain attended. Thanks to all of you who were there and signed up for the newsletter. We wish you a special welcome to our newsletter. Be sure to visit us at the Nerdy Noel Midsummer Market in July. 


New Book Coming Soon

Resurrection, book #4 in the Mann of God series, didn’t make its proposed December launch. It is in the final stages of production and will launch this month. The story of Zion’s resurrection from a devastating fire and smallpox outbreak features plenty of action. The discovery of gold nearby sets the stage for murder, intrigue, and a bloody shootout.

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