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The Quarterly


November 2020


A special welcome to all our new friends who stopped by our booth at the Ouachita Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Mena, Arkansas in September and signed up for the newsletter.

Our free story for this issue, Guest of Honor, which I began writing at the festival, was written with you in mind. I hope you like it.

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Yuletide Chills


Put a little creepy in your Christmas. Yuletide Chills, Festive Phantoms, and Creepy Carousers by Tiwaz Press is here. This anthology of not-so-festive Christmas tales is sure to give you chills that have nothing to do with the snow outside.

From horror to lighthearted paranormal romance, from the Great Depression to the Viking Age, from the basement of a murderer to the underground halls of Krampus, enjoy this merry romp through chilling tales worth telling around the Yule fire.

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It’s Free !


Welcome to this quarter’s free story. As I said at the beginning of the newsletter this story was crafted especially for all my new friends from the Ouachita Festival, but I think the rest of you will like it just as much.

Before we get to the story, I want to send out special thanks to Brian Hulan and Shirley Mc Daniel for being gracious (and brave) enough to allow me to use their real names in the story. Both are wonderful people, very much shining examples of the friendliness and humble spirit I have encountered in the Bigfoot community.

Click on Bigfoot to go to the story.

House of Honor

Raven and Owl Publishing has entered into partnership with House of Honor as publisher of my future works. As part of that agreement, I am scheduled to release six books for 2021.


The newsletter has a new title, but I am still writing it from my own warped sense of humor and imagination. The real change is improved editing and attention to detail in an effort to craft the best books possible for you---my unique audience.

That is how I see this writing business… a partnership of writers and readers who come together in shared imagination to take us places we might never go otherwise.


You might remember the scene from the movie Total Recall in which Quade is being sold the mind vacation and the salesman asks him what is always the same in every vacation. The answer was that he was always the same.


Ah, but not when you travel by imagination. You can be the pirate, the gun slinging preacher, or the Rougarou. We can go anywhere, be anything, even save the world in the pages of a book.


Experts tell me blogging is not a road to book sales. They are right, after all they study these things. But I don’t write these newsletters or my blog to sell books. I write them to connect, if only for a moment, with you. That connection is more valuable than gold or accolades.

What If It’s True


What If It’s True is a new podcast presented by Cameron Buckner, best known for his amazing Bigfoot podcast, Dixie Cryptid. If you love the paranormal, don’t miss out on these incredible stories.

The opening chapter of Bayou Moon was masterfully read by Mr. Buckner on Episode 3 of the new show. He has invited me to share a creepy Christmas offering from Yuletide Chills for the upcoming holiday season. I will be sending him my story Now You See It, and I hope we will soon hear it.

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