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Jack LaFountain

   He is literally a Jack of all trades. Storytelling is his lifelong passion, and writing is his fourth career. He was an Air Force veteran, Ordained Minister, and Registered Nurse before turning to writing full-time. A wanderer by nature, Jack has traveled the western and southern United States over the course of his careers. “Where are you from?” is always a more difficult question for him than “Where do you get your ideas?”

   Jack is the author of fourteen works of fiction. His works include the Ed Landry "Moon" series which has grown to five volumes. His debut novel, Death Rides the Red River, is on its way to becoming a trilogy. Death Haunts the Red River is the second book and the third installment is titled Death Stalks the Red River to be published in 2023.

     Jack is also the author of the faith-based Western series, Mann of God. Christopher Mann is an outlaw turned Christian preacher and pastor of Zion Church in Wyoming during the 1870s.  These are real action Westerns, not disguised sermons or romance stories.

   His short stories Blue Christmas and Last Christmas, both of which are included in Krampusnacht, won international awards in Spinetingler’s Annual Christmas Ghost Story competition.

     Tracks, Tokens of Perdition, Krampusnacht, and Dead Man's Hand are Jack's four collections of short stories. 

  His blog, Know Jack, is a look into what makes him tick. While the companion blog Lost Crusader, shares is personal journey of faith.

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Listen to Jack as a guest speaker on podcasts. Click the logos below to hear him speaking about writing, publishing, rougaroux, and the paranormal.

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Casual Interrogations
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Spooks, Creeps and Assorted Devilry
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Dogman Encounters Radio
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Rougarou Interview
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