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T. S. Burns

     I grew up in southeast Missouri along Crowley’s Ridge in an area known as the Boogie Woods. I heard a lot of stories of cryptids, ghosts, and even aliens. When I had some of those experiences myself, I began putting them into writing. I love to create characters, build worlds, and bring them to life with twists that heighten anticipation. I hope my stories will make your imagination soar.

     A football sails over a boy’s head and bounces into the woods. Little did Scott Boone realize when he chased it that his life was about to change in ways he never could have imagined. He encounters a huge hairy man who vanishes into the woods. The experience launches Scott on a long quest to find Bigfoot. Based on the author’s own encounter, Boogie Woods is an action-packed story of cryptid creatures, criminals, and a boy’s dream come true.

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