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Ronald Hancock

Ronald L. Hancock was born in Louisville Kentucky. He began writing with his own illustrated comic books during elementary school. He loved to tell stories of ‘Bloody Bones’ to his neighborhood friends and ghost stories around Boy Scout campfires


As a young man he moved to the Appalachian foothills where stories are told in the form of bluegrass music, which became a lifelong passion. He taught banjo and guitar as well as reading and writing to special needs children for many years. Music plays a central role in his three-part series on Good vs. Evil. He is currently working on the third book in a Science Fiction series.


Several years ago, an alleged Bigfoot sighting just three miles from his home sparked another passion—Bigfoot stories. Years of listening to “eye witness” accounts resulted in the creation of Man Who Walks With Sasquatch. It’s the story of a young man living in the mountains of Kentucky who, due to unusual circumstances, becomes friends with a Sasquatch. They each become a major influence on the other’s life.

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Jeremy Davis lives a simple life with his Granny in the hills of Kentucky. One day their quiet existence is shattered when a Sasquatch, named Bigun, saves Granny from a cougar. Their lives become one big adventure when the two strike up a friendship with the hairy giant. The many twists and exciting perils they encounter keep the reader turning pages to discover what will happen next to the kindhearted hero and his extraordinary friend. This tale of courage, humor, and a touch of romance may inspire you, make you laugh, and may even make you cry.

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