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Honor Gazette

March 2023



     Our House of Honor Books family has grown since the last newsletter. This month we wish to welcome our new author Terry Burns and narrators, Tom Lennon, Bryan Sfara, and Vincent Saphe. 

     We’ll talk more about these fine folks a little later. Christ Tatum is also back with us to read Zion, the latest book in the Mann of God series.

Be sure to take a look at our newest release Dead Flies by Rachel Roth.

Upcoming Events

April 1—Jack LaFountain will be signing books at Booklegger’s in Huntsville, Alabama from 10 am until 1 pm.

April 1—Judy Snyder will appear for a private book signing event for the Judah Robinson Foundation. House of Honor Books will be donating copies of all our books to The Lounge, a library being started at the foundation.

June 10—House of Honor Books will be at the Alabama Bigfoot Festival in Anniston, Alabama.  Jack LaFountain will be signing his books at the festival, but all our books will be available for sale.

June 17—Keshia C. Willi is going to be hosting a booth and signing her books at the Fredericksburg (VA) Book Festival.

June 17—Jack LaFountain will be in Deadwood SD for Wild Deadwood Reads as part of the Wild Bill Hickok Weekend. He will be signing his books and reading from Dead Man’s Hand on Friday night, June 16th.

June 30—Keshia C. Willi with be speaking at the Strasburg (VA) Community Library. The program begins at 1 pm and will be followed by a book signing.

     We are celebrating author Keshia C. Willi’s remarkably successful book signing event held at the Winchester Book Gallery. Her name is now on their author’s wall and her book Fire Tales is on the shelves.

     This was her third signing event. Her local library has invited her to do a Young Adult program for teens this summer. She is also registered to do a book signing at the Fredericksburg Book Festival on June 17, 2023. If you are in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area stop in and say hello to Keshia.

It's New

Dead Flies is Rachel Roth’s collection of macabre short stories. It is out this month in both Kindle and paperback versions with plans for an audiobook in the future.

From the Genesis of two young girls at a roadside barbecue stand to her post-apocalyptic, If They Bleed, join the author on a walk through the world of the macabre. These eleven short stories will take you to the edge and push you over the cliff.

Free Audio Stories

Our friends at Cryptids Roost have been sharing stories by House of Honor authors on their podcast. Click on the Cryptids Roost logo to visit their site.

Jack LaFountain’s The Ghoul Next Door and Hell to Pay, as well as Judy Snyder’s Good Ol' Boys have aired so far. You can find these stories on our Audio Free Stories page. There are more stories to come, be sure to watch our Facebook page for the times and links to the episodes.

Now on Audible

Chronicles of Dreyfus Volume I

Shaun McBride’s epic fantasy series debuts this month read by Bryan Sfara. This volume contains two stories.

 The Faendling: An Elven warrior, pursued by the rat-faced Szcurae, flees for his life and that of the child he carries in his arms. The warrior as he’s about to die, sets the child adrift. Rescued by the Fire Warriors, the child is considerably more than they believe her to be, she’s the legendary white witch.

Wolf Song: Every seventh day the great she-wolf calls to let men know the gods are watching over them. When her voice is stolen by Fenir, faith in the gods wavers.

Readers wanted Ed Landry to finally get the girl. Listen as Cameron Buckner tells the story of how former sheriff of Lockett, Louisiana winds up with two women vying for his attention. It’s a love triangle that pushes Landry to the limit and makes you wonder if he’ll get out alive.

Narrator Tom Lennon opens the game with a brief history of the infamous poker hand from which this collection of stories takes its name. he draws a pair of Sandbar Jack’s and two White Owl tales. The kicker is a bit of the author stepping into the story and getting more than he bargained for.

Coming to Audible in April

Zion, the third book in Jack LaFountain’s Mann of God series will once again feature the voice of Chris Tatum. Kit Mann has returned to his town and his church. Indian trouble and a plague sweep into Zion, Wyoming, but trouble from within threatens to destroy everything. Lt. Roy Winston is back to help save the town if he can. Nobody escapes unscathed as the town and its people fight for survival.

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