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Bryan Sfara

     Bryan brings years of theatre experience in drama and comedy to his work, having a talented range of character voices and dialects used for any format of voice acting. Through the characters he brings to life, his work includes the narration of several audiobooks, including Chronicles of Dreyfus, Volume I.

     He also gets behind the mic for podcasts, YouTube narration, and more. With this passion for character work, voice-acting, and storytelling, Bryan also spends his time live on Twitch every week with the channel Adventure Check: a TTRPG show ranging from Dungeons & Dragons streams to other systems. There, he spins enthralling tales and portrays several unique characters throughout the unscripted show as the dungeon master.

     Adventure Check also hosts him on their podcast, Vicious Mockery, where he occasionally gives his updates and experiences as a voice actor for anyone interested in joining the industry. Bryan is a full believer that there is a voice actor in everyone, and they deserve a chance to get on stage (or behind the mic).


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