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Rick Shaw

     Rick's storytelling is hereditary, he's just the first in the family to take time and write instead of traditional orally sharing stories.
     Rick is from central Illinois. He has been a professional driver for over 30 years. Most of his work experience has been centered on agricultural support. The quiet time, in the cab of a semi-truck, gives him the opportunity to think and create ideas.

     The tales he shares are based on life experiences. Rick is also a journalist and blogger. He has been published in specialty magazines that focus on his antique tractor passion.

     Journalism provides him with another creative outlet, photography. One of his photographs appeared on the cover of Hart Parr Oliver Collector in an issue that featured one of Rick's articles.
     Rick's blog celebrates antique vehicle collecting. His photography can be found on Instagram at rick_antiqueironmedia. He is an administrator of a Facebook group, Antique Iron Mafia, and has a page called Antique Iron Media.

     New Perspectives is his first published novel, in a working series. Rick has already begun creating the next adventure. 

Rick Shaw

     Midwestern sport divers discover an underwater dimensional rift. On the other side reality is very much like modern America but it isn't as technically advanced. A diver from the modern side of the rift crosses over and falls in love with a woman he meets there.

     But all is not well, a plan develops to steal modern technology and take it through the rift. Fear and corruption soon pit friends against each other. There is more to our hero than meets the eye, follow him through twists and turns to a climatic conclusion with a cameo appearance from Bigfoot. 

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