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Meet the Publisher

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Writing is work—it's a labor of love—but it’s work. That’s why there are an untold number of writers who have begun stories, few that reach "The End", and fewer still that see print. Authors battle through editing, rewriting, cover designs, and a hundred other tasks to bring their creations to life. They do it for one reason—to tell a story.

There are two things that are of the utmost importance to authors—their story and their readers. Writers have a story to tell; that’s why they sit for hours in front of a keyboard trying to bring life to their characters and foster a sense of reality in the worlds they create. Writers don’t tell stories only for themselves. They tell them for their readers. Readers are what writing is all about...otherwise, writers would sit in their rooms and dream alone, never sharing those dreams.

House of Honor Books was created in the hope that this would be a place for readers and writers to connect with one another in that cooperative imagination that brings stories to life.

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