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Honor Gazette

February 2023


     My apologies for missing the last two issues of the newsletter. It was not that nothing happened worth telling. Life simply got in the way over the holidays and gearing up for tax season. Writing and publishing may be fun, but House of Honor Books is also a business complete with all the headaches and joys that entails.

     Before we get to what’s new this month, take a look at Shaun McBride’s Chronicles of Dreyfus published in late December. Be sure give a listen to Jack LaFountain’s Death Haunts the Red River, that is now on Audible.

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New on Audible from House of Honor Books

     Julia Yeoh’s newest book The Bears, The Witch, and The Bookwyrm is now available on Audible. Kacy Sophia is once again reading the adventures of the Bear Rebels in Texas.


     Click here to buy from Audible.

Upcoming Events

     Keshia C. Willi, author of Fire Tales, will be at the Winchester Book Gallery located at 7 North Loudoun St, Winchester, VA. on February 18th from 2-4pm. If you’re in the area come out and meet Keshia and get a signed copy of Fire Tales. This is Keshia’s third signing event and the first of 2023.

     Fire Tales is a magical fantasy novel that pits men, demons, and fays against one another in a deadly struggle for dominance. Keshia’s world of fantastic creatures will draw you into their world and hold you spellbound until the end.

Get Fire Tales on Audible here.

Click on the cover below to buy

Dead Man's Hand on Amazon.

No Kindle? No Problem

     All of our books are available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle? Use the link below to download the Kindle Reader App for free.

     Download the Kindle Reader App.

Events on the Web

     Two of Jack LaFountain's stories from Tokens of Perdition are now on the Cryptid’s Roost podcast on YouTube.

     Take a listen at one of the links below.

Ghoul Next Door

Hell to Pay

     Listen to Jack's interview with Nick and Rob on InfoBlast as they discuss the rougarou. Click here.

     Dive into a discussion of the paranormal with Jack and podcast host Jeremy Bryant on Paranormal, The New Normal. Click here to listen in.

Click the cover to buy

Tokens of Perdition

Free Story

This issue's free story, called Angels on My Shoulder was written by Jack LaFountain.

Click here to go to the story.

Dead Man's Hand

     Jack LaFountain’s latest book is a collection of five fictional tales of the wild west. Meet Sandbar Jack, the rather sketchy author of The Great Wolfbat Hunt in the gold fields of California. Then drop in on the aging version of him in Rio Rosa, Arizona, and hear about his new purchase.

These stories are followed by the adventures of Elmer Levesque, whom the Indians gave the name White Owl. He disappears in the wilderness of 1860 Wyoming, and the folks at Ft. Laramie say, “Good riddance”. He stays hidden until his estranged son comes looking for him and a life-and-death struggle ensues.

Close out your hand with the fifth card, a fanciful tale of a modern-day author who gets caught up in the drama at the Number 10 on August 2, 1876. Remember to sit with your back to the door while reading these tales.

The new book is the lead-in for his appearance in June 2023 at Wild Deadwood Reads which takes place during Wild Bill Hickok Weekend in Deadwood, South Dakota. All nine of his novels, his short story collections, and each of House of Honor Books publications will be available at the event.

For information on Wild Deadwood Reads click here.

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