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Reader, writer, or both, House of Honor welcomes you. We are an independent publisher located in rural north Alabama, USA. We are a small press, but our vision is as big as the cosmos, and just as full of wonders.

We love books that inspire, books that offer refreshing insights, books that engage the heart, the mind, and the soul. We love stories that unite us in our humanity.

In a world boxed in by formulated scripts and limited by popular currents, we are free thinkers. We honor the timelessness of principle, courage, and integrity. These are the kind of books, authors, and editors you will find in the House of Honor.


Step inside.


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We are a veteran owned business.

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Look What's New! 

Landry is back, and Jazz is with him.


A visit from an old acquaintance sends Landry and Jazz onto the trail of a pack of rougarous. The creatures are hungry for more than mayhem, they want to control the entire city of Lake Charles. Lurking behind the outward trappings of Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian God of the Underworld, is an old nemesis.

A bloody string of murders, betrayal, and dark magic surround Landry and Jazz as they try to work out what side the players are on. There’s no scorecard and losers end up as gator treats. Landry and Jazz plan to win—but plans have a nasty habit of going wrong.

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New from Keshia C. Willi

People are not always as they first appear to be. Their intentions are not always pure. The disguises people wear may be quite clever, but they cannot outlive the nature of the beast nor mask its deepest desires forever. The truth is more enduring.

When the mask slips, as it must, the faces beneath may be frightening, perhaps not altogether human. Beware the Wolf rips away the masks and forces us to look upon the true, dreadful faces of human predators who stalk the indifferent and the innocent.

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“Johnny be good,” that’s what his mother always told him. Johnny’s all grown up now and he’s still being good. He’s so good that he’s almost invisible, which is a very good thing indeed for a hunter. None of the women he meets realize there is another, not-so-good side, to Johnny until it’s too late.

Then, he meets Samantha. She sees him for what he is and turns his world upside down. That he has a penchant for slicing and dicing young women doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Why should it? She has just killed her date. Now that they have each other, what else was there for them to do but—road trip!

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Make Friends with Sasquatch 

Jeremy Davis lives a simple life with his Granny in the hills of Kentucky. One day their quiet existence is shattered when a Sasquatch, named Bigun, saves Granny from a cougar. Their lives become one big adventure when the two strike up a friendship with the hairy giant. The many twists and exciting perils they encounter keep the reader turning pages to discover what will happen next to the kindhearted hero and his extraordinary friend. This tale of courage, humor, and a touch of romance may inspire you, make you laugh, and may even make you cry. 

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