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Reader, writer, or both, House of Honor welcomes you. We are an independent publisher located in rural north Alabama, USA. We are a small press, but our vision is as big as the cosmos, and just as full of wonders.

We love books that inspire, books that offer refreshing insights, books that engage the heart, the mind, and the soul. We love stories that unite us in our humanity.

In a world boxed in by formulated scripts and limited by popular currents, we are free thinkers. We honor the timelessness of principle, courage, and integrity. These are the kind of books, authors, and editors you will find in the House of Honor.


Step inside.


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We are a veteran owned business.

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Our friends at Cryptid's Roost and The Hidden Corners are bringing stories from the authors at House of Honor Books to their podcasts. Find them on Youtube or link up with them on our Audio Free Stories page. Currently, we have stories by Judy Snyder, Rick Shaw. and Jack LaFountain available. More will be coming soon, like Rachel Roth's story Genesis. 


Look What's New! 

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The Saga Continues

Book three in the Red River trilogy is here. Following the arrival of the town’s new preacher, Death returns in lupine form to stalk the Lazy L and the town of Texumma. Eight years of peace comes to a bloody end as howls echo along the banks of the Red River once again. Bitter vengeance backs Death’s play as the death toll rises. Will anyone survive the full moon?.

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Introducing T. S. Burns

A football sails over a boy’s head and bounces into the woods. Little did Scott Boone realize when he chased it that his life was about to change in ways he never could have imagined. He encounters a huge hairy man who vanishes into the woods. The experience launches Scott on a long quest to find Bigfoot. Based on the author’s own encounter, Boogie Woods is an action-packed story of cryptid creatures, criminals, and a boy’s dream come true.

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New From Cillian Dunne.

Suffering from the loss of his true love and muse, Virginia, musician Jackson Crowe set off on a drive across America. He begins the journey in Massachusetts with only Virginia’s ashes and his old guitar with plans to end his own life when he reaches the West Coast. He’s joined by three ghostly highwaymen. Is it coincidence, fate, or the intervention of his dead love that is trying to save him? Will they succeed or will their very existence send him over the edge?

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Now on Audible

Jeremy Davis lives a simple life with his Granny in the hills of Kentucky. One day their quiet existence is shattered when a Sasquatch, named Bigun, saves Granny from a cougar. Their lives become one big adventure when the two strike up a friendship with the hairy giant.  The many twists and exciting perils they encounter keep the reader turning pages in this tale of courage, humor, and a touch of romance. 

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Short Story Collections

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