Reader, writer, or both, House of Honor welcomes you. We are an independent publisher located in rural north Alabama, USA. We are a small press, but our vision is as big as the cosmos, and just as full of wonders.

We love books that inspire, books that offer refreshing insights, books that engage the heart, the mind, and the soul. We love stories that unite us in our humanity.

In a world boxed in by formulated scripts and limited by popular currents, we are free thinkers. We honor the timelessness of principle, courage, and integrity. These are the kind of books, authors, and editors you will find in the House of Honor.


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We are a veteran owned business.

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The bill has come due for Magic Mike’s death and Ed Landry has to pay up—the voodoo queen of New Orleans insists on it. Jazz Ledoux arrives in Oklahoma with the message, get home, Christy’s been kidnapped.

On the road back to Louisiana, Landry falls under the power of a spell that carries him to Lockett in visions. Friends and enemies alike take on new shapes as Landry is forced into a showdown on the bayou. This fight for his life will leave him bloodied.

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Suddenly finding yourself in another dimension can really alter your perspective—on the world, on love, and even on your chances of survival. Searching for a missing diver, Rick swims through a recreational dive tube and emerges in a different world.

He learns the missing diver was killed on the other side and that one inhabitant of the other dimension has been visiting Star Lake. The visitor is hungry for the technology on Rick’s side of the portal and will stop at nothing to get it.

On the other side Rick meets and falls in love with Amanda. With the help of her brother, the local sheriff, they try to stop the thief. Their efforts may have opened the portal wider allowing the entrance of gigantic creatures. If Rick survives, he may be forced to choose forever between the world where he belongs and his new love.

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Chilling tales told in midwinter around a warm fire date back to antiquity. It is the time of year when days are short, darkness lingers, and the barrier separating the living from the dead is thin. Stories of the stark cold and the visits from the dead remind us of the warm blessings of hearth and home.

Ed Landry joins in this tradition of chilling Christmas tales. His encounter with Krampus is one of the stories in this collection of holiday hauntings, haints, ghosts, and strange happenings, each one perfect for a dark day’s reading by the fire.

Gruss von Krampus!


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