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Reader, writer, or both, House of Honor welcomes you. We are an independent publisher located in rural north Alabama, USA. We are a small press, but our vision is as big as the cosmos, and just as full of wonders.

We love books that inspire, books that offer refreshing insights, books that engage the heart, the mind, and the soul. We love stories that unite us in our humanity.

In a world boxed in by formulated scripts and limited by popular currents, we are free thinkers. We honor the timelessness of principle, courage, and integrity. These are the kind of books, authors, and editors you will find in the House of Honor.


Step inside.


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We are a veteran owned business.

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Our friends at Cryptid's Roost and The Hidden Corners are bringing stories from the authors at House of Honor Books to their podcasts. Find them on Youtube or link up with them on our Audio Free Stories page. Currently, we have stories by Judy Snyder, Rick Shaw. and Jack LaFountain available. More will be coming soon, like Rachel Roth's story Genesis. 


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Baneshelm Is Here!

Magic is dying, and the world with it. Man has forgotten his past, but Aeddefa the Fay remembers, and she has returned to the land of Men to restore the birthright of the Fae. Now she must face her greatest enemy, Siodadel the False, who threatens to destroy all of Magic and the world of Fae. To conquer her foe, Aeddefa must raise the dead.  

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A New Series from

Jack LaFountain

Bryn Bou, is a student at the Military Academy where his father, General Bou is both a legend and the Commandant. Bryn has plenty of fight in him, but he’s no warrior and not the stuff of legend. While struggling with how to break the news to his father, he has a vision. Hearing of Bryn’s vision, the village seer, in defiance of the High Council, sends Bryn on a journey he may not survive, and from which he cannot return home.

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New Sequel to

Catch the Witch

Lythe is still being relentlessly hunted by the Man in Black. Battling enemies old and new, she travels the country with her family, her best friend, a former teacher, and a catholic priest. Will their combined force be enough to stop the man with the mad smile? Or will he make Lythe a subject in his dark army?

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New on Amazon

Just when you think you have life figured out, the supernatural intrudes on reality. Those caught up in the unexpected clash of worlds are left scrambling to adapt, overcome, and survive if they can. Whatever happens, life will never be the same again. Being dead does not mean you can't be a part of these ten stories. But, you will have to die to find that out.

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Short Story Collections

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