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Reader, writer, or both, House of Honor welcomes you. We are an independent publisher located in rural north Alabama, USA. We are a small press, but our vision is as big as the cosmos, and just as full of wonders.

We love books that inspire, books that offer refreshing insights, books that engage the heart, the mind, and the soul. We love stories that unite us in our humanity.

In a world boxed in by formulated scripts and limited by popular currents, we are free thinkers. We honor the timelessness of principle, courage, and integrity. These are the kind of books, authors, and editors you will find in the House of Honor.


Step inside.


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We are a veteran owned business.

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Our friends at Cryptid's Roost and The Hidden Corners are bringing stories from the authors at House of Honor Books to their podcasts. Find them on Youtube or link up with them on our Audio Free Stories page. Currently, we have stories by Judy Snyder, Rick Shaw. and Jack LaFountain available. More will be coming soon, like Rachel Roth's story Genesis. 


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The Mann of God

Is Back!

Fire and smallpox have ravaged the town of Zion, Wyoming. Rev. Kit Mann and the few remaining members of his church have spent a long winter praying for the town’s survival. With spring comes the answer, but it is not exactly how they imagined it would happen. Gold is discovered in the creek south of Zion and fortune hunters come pouring in. Some come to pan the stream, others to make their fortunes from the miners. One man comes with a greater prize in mind. He wants the entire town. He doesn’t care what he has to do or who he has to kill to get it. Standing between him and his conquest is Kit Mann.

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Introducing WJR Miller

Caenos Sillo, a blue-skinned outcast from the planet’s inner world, finds himself joined to a company of freak show performers. He comes into the possession of the Sword of Fate, Mah’nos. The sword has chosen him, not he the sword. With the blade comes the responsibility to defend Zann against Sil’aat the Devil.

In sacrificing Zann, Sil’aat will bring about the Unmaking of the world and strike a blow at its Maker. Caenos Sillo and the rag-tag freak show troupe are the only ones who can stop him. They brave the impossible odds though their bravery may cost them their very lives.

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Ed and Jazz Are Back

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Ed Landry has embarked on his most dangerous mission yet—marriage and fatherhood. The solid ground beneath him has turned to sea, carrying him far from home. Meanwhile, the waves from his last stumbling fall into the bayou are rippling through his world. He’s gained an FBI shadow. A whole new group of enemies spring from the jungle to join hands with old foes. An animal cry answers the question; who walks away?

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The town of Widows Dance was founded on misfortune and evil. Its roots have grown, and the fruit of their origin are ripe. Calling up an army of demons to do his bidding the man known as DD, Devil’s Disciple, has declared war on the good people of Widows Dance.

The people of the town are terrified by the senseless murder and mayhem happening around them. Most refused to leave their homes. Michaela, her daughter, and their band of friends are the only ones standing in evil’s way. They decide to take the fight to the enemy. Who will walk away after the smoke clears, no one knows for sure.

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