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What It's Like to Be Published

What’s it like being published? You may as well ask me to describe what chicken tastes like. I don’t have a pat answer for it. My life hasn’t changed drastically because of it, but then I was never naïve enough to expect it to. Then again, my life has changed in direct correlation with the publication.

There’s something magical about the first time you see the finished product of your labors and see your name, right there on the cover. It’s a mixture of pride, excitement, and satisfaction. And when you’ve done it through an actual publisher, there’s the added bonus that someone else believes in you too, and wants nothing more than to see you succeed.

I mentioned my life changing due to being published, not in any grand way, I don’t want to mislead anyone, but still, they’re changes. It’s gratifying when people ask me if there’ll be a sequel to Twisted Tales and when can they expect it, or when I’m told that they ‘bought another copy’ to send out of the States (added bonus when I’m asked to sign it!!!).

Twisted Tales was a collection of short stories, my next book – a novel (gasp!) is in the hands of the publisher, awaiting editing and all that fun stuff. There is a huge difference between writing a novel and the art of the short story. With a short story, there is no room to meander, every word counts. But it must still be satisfying and feel complete. With a novel, you can go much more in-depth, and I had to keep reminding myself of that; instead of my usual ‘meat and potatoes, with a drizzle of gravy’ style, I could take the space and do a twelve-course meal. I’m excited about it.

Judy Snyder

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