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Writing Challenges

When it comes to writing and creating stories, there are a lot of challenges along the way. I often contemplate if what I’m writing is good, boring, or mediocre. My father has told me it’s difficult being original. So many things have already been done. When I think of something or come up with an idea, I wonder if it’s been done before.

Will what I write capture my audience? Will I keep and hold their attention? Will this interest them or fascinate them? I’ve read a lot of books and as a reader, I have struggled to find books I actually like. I contemplate if what I’m writing makes sense, if it fits in the story, or if I should scrap it.

I ask myself if what I’m writing is of value. Will it enhance the story? Other things I stress about and find challenging are when I run out of ideas. The mind can only create, think, and come up with so much. As an author you start to wonder, do I have enough material?

Do I need more ideas? Then, of course, it’s bringing all those ideas together. How can you make it work and make it fit? How do you incorporate all of these ideas and elements into a story? In a way that flows and makes sense.

I try to push myself to write, think, and come up with more. But sometimes I need a mental break. There are books I’ve read, and I think a lot of people can relate to this. When you push and force yourself to read through something, hoping and waiting for it to get better. I want to create and pour out stories of essence and depth.

Writing that will captivate my readers, leave them wondering, and in awe. That’s why I fell in love with writing. You start with a blank canvas. Just like a painting. And when you write, you can create anything.

I’m able to immerse myself in my writing and escape into another world. It takes me away from the worries and stresses of real life. And that’s what I want my readers to experience as well. I don’t want to leave my readers disappointed. So, I push myself to create and produce quality content of value, of awe, and of imagination.

Sometimes I feel stagnant. I think about what should come next and what the story needs. That way I can bring my characters to life and make them relatable to the reader. A big challenge in the beginning when I was first writing my manuscript was getting into character. You have to put yourself in that character’s shoes.

What are their thoughts, their emotions, who is the character, and why do they do the things they do? What is their motive? There are so many things to think about and consider when writing and creating a story.

KN Baker


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