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Where the Magic Happens III

More often than not, my ideas come thick and fast, and it’s usually when I’m hard at work or busy doing other random things. The only time I have available for creativity is either in the evenings after I finish my working day, or on the weekends, and out of habit I make notes when the ideas do come to me, be they in my notebook or on colour note on my mobile phone.

I’m quite often up early on the weekends (thanks mainly to my shift pattern) wrestling with a whole host of new ideas, plots, et... so out comes my trusty laptop, and I sit at the kitchen table for the next few hours and hammer away at the keyboard, trying desperately to arrange a series of random ideas and thoughts into some semblance of a story,

My space to create, although quite basic, serves me well, because everything I need is within reach, be they my notebook, mobile phone, or even my all-essential pint mug of coffee.

As long as I have easy access to these along with a few empty pages, or even my trusty laptop and a head full of ideas, I’m quite content and adequately prepared for the creative process.

I tend to write better in the early hours of the morning because there are no distractions, and I can get quite a lot of work done before I commit myself to the usual mundane stuff that I do in my free time, considerably more I might add, than I can in the evenings when I finish work, and the distractions launch an all-out assault on my creativity.

Usually, it’s the dogs demanding attention, or my grandchildren playing with the noisiest toys known to man, things of that nature, and my space to create is often out of bounds due to my granddaughters (bless them) turning the kitchen into a dance studio.

I will in the near future be looking at creating a study, den, or man cave, in which I can shut myself off from the real world, and spend some time on my own where I can let the magic happen, but for now, I’m quite happy to sit at the kitchen table in the wee small hours in close proximity to my notebook and my faithful pint mug of coffee, not an ideal situation I know, but one has to suffer for one’s art.

Shaun McBride

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