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Maybe it’s me, but my perfect work environment is my office. I can write almost anywhere. My laptop is small and portable. I have created in the kitchen and when the weather is favorable, my patio table is very suitable.

It depends on what type of writing discipline I’m working on. I actually debuted to the public as a journalist – blogger. Most of my blog articles have been written on the small screen of my smartphone. Pictures are worth one thousand words. I use many pictures in my blog. My phone is my camera. It makes sense that my writing pad also makes use of my phone. I have internet access so I’m all set!

As a journalist, I’m more of a reporter. My specialty is antique tractors, and my “angle of approach” focuses on human interest. Because of this, and my laziness in not taking notes, I tend to write a blog article right after the event I’m sharing. Sometimes I start reporting on the scene.

As a journalist, I have written in many places. A comfortable lawn chair, the passenger seat of a moving vehicle, or my recliner. Many an article has been composed in the cab of a semi-truck, while waiting in line.

Now, after two published books, I identify more as a novelist. Can I take my laptop everywhere? Sure! That’s a lot more cumbersome though. My smartphone conveniently fits in a pocket. I’m not exactly a fashion guru. I tend to be out of style wearing bib overalls. Tractor guy dressed in bibs does make sense, right? ( I dress that way while at work, not all the time.) I may not look really cool or suave but the chest pockets keep my phone handy.

Anyway, let me get back on track.

My favorite writing environment is my office space. I know, I’ve said that! The room is uniquely me. My desk is a table that has been in my family for three generations. My mom and dad refinished it to a new luster when I was a kid. It has been a dining room table, so the furniture still retains love of family. The work surface has room for both my laptops, even if I only need one. If you’re wondering, I don’t know why I have two computers. I just do.

There is also a Tiffany lamp for soft lighting. The colors and design inspire me. If I turn my head to the right, I can look out the window and view the real world. I like peaceful silence when I write. Music does relax me, but it also distracts me. My characters become mad when they have to repeat their whispers in my ear. That’s the hazard of hearing loss.

Most important, is my work chair. I used to have a normal office chair that was padded and very suitable. The executive chair I have now is large and dominates more space. It’s probably too comfortable. I can work for long hours, which is good since I can’t type fast. I have to admit, I have tipped back and fallen asleep.

I won’t ask if I’m crazy to need a utopia to work. I already know I’m crazy! That’s the reason I write.

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