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What Do You Enjoy About Writing?

Rachel Roth

My favorite thing about writing is having the ability to create, bring characters to life and build them a whole new world. It was part of my logic when I changed my major in college. I had wanted to study psychopaths and psychopathology to be specific. My final decision was made when I thought to myself, “I don’t need to study psychopaths, I can make my own.” Ironically, I’ve only written one crime story, a short called Vanessa.

If I really had to pick a reason though, I would say the freedom. Sure, it has many stresses, but there’s nothing better than making up a character and imagining everything that they could possibly say and do in a world where you get to make the rules. Writing is a safe place, a place to purge your anxieties and fears, to explore things you can’t discuss as easily in reality.

KN Baker

The creative freedom and letting my imagination run wild. Creating a piece and a work of art through words and the five senses. I love creating beautiful images and using vocabulary to captivate my audience!

Rick Shaw

My favorite joy is talking to people and the astonished look they give me on discovering I’m a published author. I can’t believe it either! I’m an example that a book cannot be judged by the cover.

Writing is a creative impression. Sitting down at the keyboard is my best opportunity to share.

Shaun McBride

There are a lot of things that I enjoy about writing, developing characters, creating plot twists, and

completing a writing project, to name but a few. I particularly enjoy writing dialogue, and I will frequently rehearse exchanges between characters to see if it sounds right.

The most enjoyable thing about writing is gathering a few small ideas, characters, plots, situations, etc, and tying them all together, before building on it and eventually completing a project. There is something very satisfying about seeing the end result, something that you have created, something that you have invested a lot of time and effort into, which in my case, often inspires me into writing more, exactly how I like it.

Jack LaFountain

In a very real sense, it’s the same thing I like about breathing. It is a sign that I’m alive and when I have trouble doing it—I’m struggling to stay alive. Writing is my lifeline when I am depressed, angry, heartbroken, and in love. When I’m out of sorts, those who know me, tell me to, “Go write”.

My writing tends to be driven by the passion of the moment. Inner peace follows giving vent to that passion. Can a man be so driven by emotion that he becomes a beast? I do love to write about werewolves, especially when the moon is full.

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