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Real Imagination Versus Artificial Intelligence


          Just recently, I’ve heard a lot about the progression of Artificial Intelligence, and it seems that it has apparently progressed to such an extent, that it’s now capable of creating its own literary works.


          That’s all well and good, but I feel that AI will have to progress further to capture the passion that we as writers have for the craft and the love that we pour into our work.


          Don’t get me wrong, in some areas, such as medicine for example, the use of AI would be an absolute boon, and although I have used AI (albeit to a lesser degree) to create visual images of my characters, it’s far more important to me as a writer to rely on good old fashioned imagination to create my stories and develop my writing style and voice.


I’ve not yet read anything that has been written by Artificial Intelligence, and it’s doubtful that I ever will, no matter how curious I may be.


During World War Two, radio operators became so accustomed to the touch of their field agents' hands on a Morse key, that they knew instinctively if the Morse key was being used by a “foreign hand”.


I’d like to think that my readers will become so accustomed to the way that I write that they’ll know instinctively if I’ve created something using AI as opposed to real imagination. Our readers aren’t daft, they’ll be able to spot even the slightest changes to our particular style of writing, however subtle those changes may be.


Artificial Intelligence for the most part, relied on pure undiluted Imagination to create it, and it may well be that any AI is only as good as the mind that brought it into fruition.  There may come a time in the future when “Artificial Passion” becomes a thing, but for now, AI doesn’t have the capacity to feel as deeply about the craft as we do, and it doesn’t feel for its characters the way we feel for ours, nothing can even come close to replicating that, irrespective of how good it may be.


In closing, I’d just like to make it known that no part of this post was created using Artificial Intelligence.


Shaun McBride

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