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Plotter or Pantser Part 2

KN Baker

I am a plotter. I think of many of my ideas before I write them. I will also do research and take notes on how to start and what to write. However, when I am writing I then allow the story to take me away wherever it goes. And many times, it surprises me because it’s not something that even I expected or saw coming. I like books and stories that are unpredictable and stimulating. I love twists, turns, and the element of surprise.

Shaun McBride

Definitely a plotter. Though I invariably find myself flying by the seat of my pants, albeit quite unintentionally. I find it particularly satisfying to plot each stage of a story, but by the same token, it can also be rather satisfying to run with an idea and see where it takes you, as was the case with one of my stories, in which I wrote the ending first, and then built the rest of the story around it.

We each have our own way of engaging with a writing project, it’s often what works best for us at the time that makes a difference in the outcome.

Phillip Davis

I am 100% a Pantser. I had one outline in the first five books I had/have ideas for and I completely abandoned the outline after the first chapter. I decided to let the ideas flow in the moment, and this is what brings me pleasure in the writing process. I believe an outline to be a great idea, but it does not work well for me. I am more of a spur-of-the-moment sort of writer who while typing thinks, “what if we go in this direction”? This direction could rapidly change in the next thirty seconds, but I love the “on the fly” writing style I incorporate.

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