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Our Favorite Authors Part 2

Rick Shaw

My favorites are not necessarily classical writers. I don’t have a particular top ten list either. The artists that I enjoy, I like equally.

Clive Cussler has been a long-time favorite of mine. Cussler’s novels have not only been a source of enjoyment to me as good reads. I pursued SCUBA diving to see for myself what underwater adventures I could explore.

Robert Parker created three different detective series with many characters. It’s amazing how the three series all intertwine and characters from one series appear in the others. That was a writing trait I’d like to learn. The character development is amazing.

John Sanford is another author I highly enjoy. His characters can be found crossing over in all his series. Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers not only work together in Sanford’s books, they have many of the same supporting characters.

I recently discovered Brian Freeman and binged on his great novels. The energy his works generate makes for fast-paced nail-biting drama. I notice that every book Freeman writes has a major storm brewing in the setting of weather. The weather plays a key to his building suspense.

Janet Evanovich is great for humor. Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter, never fails to bring a smile. I also learned a little about the female perspective and this helped me create Amanda in my novel New Perspectives.

Do these known bestsellers influence my work? I should hope so! Their talented abilities have traits that inspire. Jack LaFountain wrote a review of my book, comparing it to Clive Cussler. I hold that comment as a highly flattering compliment.

Speaking of Jack, I openly admit to being a fan of his work. From cowboys to rugarous, Jack is excellent in creating suspense.

Jack LaFountain

Answering the question for me often depends on the genre. But there are two authors who, if I see one of their books on the shelf, I have to buy it. I have read their books multiple times. Sadly, both are dead now and there will be no more books to buy. They are Allen Drury and C.S. Lewis.

I was asked recently which author I would like to be when I grew up. My answer was Lewis. From The Chronicles of Narnia to The Abolition of Man, the ability to write intelligently on such a range has my admiration. It’s certainly beyond me. Allen Drury has the distinction of writing the scariest book I have ever read, Come Nineveh, Come Tyre. It is not a horror book though the story is horrifying.

I am an omnivorous reader. I’ll read Homer or Plato then, Piers Anthony or J.D.Robb. But for all the voices in my head, I have had no trouble finding one of my own, though I admit it sounds like Ed Landry and Kit Mann

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