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Meet Rick

I’ve always been a creative writer since childhood. Thankfully, I was blessed with an overactive imagination that never went away as I became an adult. My mother encouraged reading from a young age as well. Being lost between the covers of a book enhanced my imagination.

For many years, I kept my creative writing secret. Some of my short stories did begin to see the light of day, but to a limited audience.

The discovery of social media started my writing to be brought out for public view. I would post thoughts and quick stories on Facebook. It had to be better than posting pictures of my lunch!

My friends seemed to enjoy my ramblings and encouraged me to write more. Writer’s topics are what they know. I was passionate about antique tractors. After founding the Facebook group, Antique Iron Mafia, I began writing stories about my tractor friends.

I submitted an article to Lawn & Garden Tractor Magazine. Being published was the kick start to my journalistic endeavor. Other journalistic accomplishments included being published in Hart-Parr Oliver Collector. I have been featured twice in the Oliver publication also receiving the honor of photographing the cover for an issue.

Noticing other attempts at writing blogs, I thought I should try that myself, so I expanded to that. It was a great way to publish my stories. No deadlines and editors to annoy. It was also a great way to harness my discipline to the craft, maybe for the most part. I still don’t completely have a handle on it. My blog was originally labeled Iron Passion but after time the name changed to Antique Iron Media.

I like being creative more than being a reporter. I still am active as a blogger, but I’ve started to identify more as a novelist. There is more challenge to creating a plot then simply telling the story that is already happening.

New Perspectives had been a work in progress for many years. The idea formed and I wrote the opening after a weekend of diving Strode Lake in Canton, IL. The book took some time to blossom.

I’d tell friends I was writing a book, but I’m sure there were doubts that it would ever see the light of day. I can’t blame that thought. The manuscript almost was locked in my vault of privacy, never to be seen by the public. It took some self encouragement to submit. Like learning to SCUBA dive, I had to overcome fear.

House of Honor Books was my choice for receiving my submitted manuscript, simply based on an interview Jack did for Cameron Buckner. After watching and listening to Jack, I felt confident, his publishing house was the right place for my debut. I’m glad of my choice, and I’m glad to be a member of the HoH author team.

My next book in the series won’t take so long before submission. The manuscript is over halfway complete.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 01, 2022

Congrats, quite an accomplishment!

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