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Meet Keshia

For as long as I can remember, a piece of ordinary paper and a pen were tools to explore strange new worlds and the musings of my own mind. I have been telling stories literally since I learned how to write. Once I began, I collected notebooks and journals of all shapes, sizes and designs like some people collect fine art. Each one was a fantastical new journey; a thousand possibilities lay on every blank page as I wrote and wrote and wrote.

To this day, I do not know what drew me to writing. Perhaps it was the ability to utilize my boundless imagination to entertain both myself and any willing listener. Perhaps it was the opportunity to express the inner workings of my mind and heart and soul, as well as to understand myself and the world around me better. The only thing I know for certain is that to write is to live for me. I write, because were I to stop, my world would collapse, my purpose in this world would vanish completely. And so, I write my constant stream of consciousness and daydreams, hoping that they will reach those for whom they are meant.

I am a big believer that life circumstances and experiences can shape the art that you create. I know it has shaped my stories and the characters within them. The many hardships I went through as a child and young adult molded my work and inspired me to explore much darker themes and characters. I enjoy sifting through a character’s actions and reactions, their thoughts and subconscious, to discover what really makes them who they are, what defines them as good or evil, or some sliver of gray in between.

For me, stories are an integral part of how we as humans and as a society see and understand the world around us. They are more than entertainment, more than passive studies on human behavior. They are rich with meaning and symbolism, collective thought, and personal enlightenment. They are man’s way of expressing the very real battle between good and evil, light and darkness, right and wrong, that each of us faces every day of our lives.

My lifetime writing journey has led me down many paths and avenues I did not expect. As a teenager, I fell in love with films and filmmaking, and I taught myself screenwriting. The love of this unique and beautiful art form led me to a degree in Film and a career as a screenwriter. But I truly just love to write—anything and everything. If there’s a blank scrap of paper, I will “doodle” my way into a new adventure. I don’t feel that the stories that I write are truly mine, but rather they are their own entity; living, breathing worlds that I am privileged to be privy to and I am their messenger to send out their words to the world. I am honored to share their stories every time I pick up a piece of paper and a pen, and I hope that they find their way out into this great big world and inspire others.

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