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How Do You Handle Writer’s Block?

Most jobs have clearly defined tasks and goals. Even in the chaos of the ER, the staff can identify what needs doing, prioritize it and get to work. Writing fiction is a different world—quite literally. Before plotting out a novel or having your characters tell you what the book is about, a mental flint and steel must strike a spark. It is very much like try to set the page on fire.

What happens when the spark refuses to catch and the blank page just sits there mocking you? We call it writer’s block. Sometimes it manifests in cold silence. Other times it’s an explosion of ideas—all of them bad.

We’ve asked our authors to tell you what they do to overcome writer’s block.

Phillip Davis

When facing writer’s block, I simply walk away. I feel as if I have reached the end of the creative process for the here-and-now moment and it is best served for my writing and my inner peace that I step away, refocus for later and enjoy family time.

KN Baker

Getting a goodnight's sleep is very important. Whether it’s for a test, school assignment, or writing! Sometimes I become mentally exhausted, and brain fried. Taking a walk in nature, clearing my mind, and sleeping well clears my head. Then I’m re-energized to continue.

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