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   A writer has other duties to perform to help in their success. A book doesn’t sell if the reading audience isn’t aware of it. Authors and publishers work together to promote a novel, at least they should.

   So far, in my published writing career, I’ve only been a guest for a podcast. I found that quite enjoyable and still seek to do more of that. I admit that I can be a little shy. The podcast was more of a recorded one-on-one conversation. I don’t claim to be a public speaker even though I have a gift for organizing words. Writing and talking to a crowd are two entirely different skills.

  I’m soon to participate in a book signing event. This will be a whole new adventure for me. Did I mention I’m not comfortable in crowds? I’ve overcome other fears in the past, so I’ll face this just the same. I have some similar experiences because of my antique tractor enthusiasm. When I attend a tractor show, my tractors are lined up for display. If I’m not checking out the other machines, I can be found seated nearby visiting and answer questions about my tractors. I’m doing the book fair with the same attitude. Instead of my tractors being the draw, my books will take center stage. Unlike my tractors, my books will be for sale though.

   Image is everything, presentation helps sell. At least that’s the advice and wisdom I keep hearing. Peddling books I plan to dress better. I don’t think I’d have the correct appeal dressed in bib overalls. At least that’s what my fashion consultant keeps telling me. I may not be a big name author…. yet, but I am fortunate to have my “people”. My fashion consultant is actually a very close friend who acts like my older sister. I’m lucky to have a few more in my inner circle that I confer with as well.

    Every detail has been considered. Table covering has been discussed though not decided. The goal is to present the books with just the right color without being too brash. I don’t want just boring old white.  I leave that to my consultants. My faith is well placed. So far, we have picked a color that compliments the books, and my hope is to draw people to look. My sense of humor sees that as baiting a trap. Hopefully, I’ll come home with a lighter box.

  Another draw, to the table will be swag. My graphic artist retooled my business card for me and also created bookmarks that compliment my novels. Bookmarks? I use paper clips at home. Hmm, that’s an idea.  I’d bet I would be the only one with a box of paperclips on the table. I can make the idea snazzy—color of choice! Got to have a gimmick.

  This book fair will also give me the opportunity to actually meet other authors one-on-one. Judy Synder is attending, and not only a colleague; we have become good friends. I expect she will be quite busy during the event, considering she is the primary host. We talk frequently on the phone. This will be our first chance to meet in person.


Well, wish me luck! Stay tuned….

Rick Shaw

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