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Meet Cillian

I started writing when I was eighteen. It really took me by surprise. I was never one to enjoy English class or even read a book for that matter, but I always loved storytelling. I was especially obsessed with films and fantasized over plots, characters, and settings, all day, every day. Each time I awoke, I immediately thought about what I was going to watch that night after school.

However, one day, in particular, changed the course of my life forever when I watched the movie “Midnight in Paris”. I quickly realized that I could actually write a story like that. All it would take is a laptop and an idea. Luckily, I had both, and churned out the most incohesive story known to mankind…but, I was hooked.

I could not stop thinking about my plot and characters, and even though it was terrible, I was truly proud of what I had done. I kept at it for years, until I turned twenty-two, and I had an idea that was too big for the screen. So, I put it onto the page and wrote my first novel. The second I typed the words “The End”, I knew that finishing this book would be one of the greatest feelings I will have ever felt, and I was right.

Since then, I have gone on to work on multiple screenwriting projects and now find myself with another novel, which I am delighted to be publishing through House of Honor.

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