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Meet Phillip

I began to write as more of a hobby and an opportunity to escape reality. As I began to formulate more and more ideas, writing became more enjoyable and a passion. I envisioned my novel(s) as a conduit in which the reader can escape the realities of their present day and slip away into a world of relaxation and enjoyment, if even for the briefest of moments.

Writing still brings me pleasure and is a method of not only de-stressing but gives me a sense of self-gratification. I was never a gifted writer in my collegiate years, but my writing has become more and more polished as I engage in the creative process. I began my first novel in my early forties. I was always interested in murder mystery television and books. I decided, “why not me”.

I began, slowly, and it remained a slow process. The bulk of the first work was completed in roughly nine months. It took me over six years with encouragement from my wife, family, and closest friends to finish what I had begun. Upon review, I wish I had stayed the course and finished years earlier, but God has a plan, and I am thrilled with the anticipation of my first work being published and potential sales.

Phillip Davis

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