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Meet Dagraça

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I’m not a writer by essence but a dreamer, but I found it necessary to write my biography at this time, this age, and this maturity because it’ll be a shift in my personal life, I’ll be thirty years old this year (2023). I had something to tell to the world, to my past, to my present and to my future.

Now, I’m ready to talk about the “wind” without blaming anyone and first of all myself. I spent all my youth fighting to become and I thought it was the right time for me to tell, so I wrote Conquer the Wind. I was ready to look back into the mirror of my car, my past without judgment, my life without shame and deep pain.

I was ready to face my present with all it requires (disability), I lost the ability to move freely when I was twenty-four years old, because of disease. I was ready to talk about this physical condition without shame, fear, and regret.

I was ready to give a clear direction for my future, but I wasn’t ready to do it without writing the essence of my wars for so long, I had to pour out myself.

It was necessary to write now to don’t have to care it later, my twenties are already finish, this chapter is closed, and Conquer the Wind is a self-love declaration to the world and a foundation into the universe to tell “I was here”. Getting into my thirties I would like to shout an alleluia to my God and Savior Jesus Christ, I decided to move on and to write was the best way to me to say goodbye to this old car.

I wrote in English because I felt in my spirit and the title Conquer the Wind was given to me by the Holy Spirit during one of my prayer times. I heard many times “conquer the wind” and I knew I had to write it in English. To me I couldn’t write without talking about my faith which is essential to me and unfortunately, I couldn’t do it freely here (France, Europe) like somewhere else (America, Africa, England…). It might not be welcomed the way I wished by publishing houses. It was essential to talk about Christ in every chapter through the scriptures, because I am who I am today because of Him. I’m Christian and I couldn’t write without testifying about Him, because for sure I wouldn’t be able to make it without Him.

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