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It Ain’t No Big Thing

“Writing is like breathing, it's possible to learn to do it well, but the point is to do it no matter what.”

Julia Cameron

Writing comes as naturally as breathing. Of course, it’s the kind of breathing in which you must forcibly drag the air into and then push it out of your lungs. You must constantly remind yourself to do it, and it requires a close watch on your oxygen saturation, but it keeps you alive.

Despite oaths declaring we are quitting forever; we go right back to it. The reason why is simple. Our imaginations aren’t wild enough to picture ourselves not writing. We can’t help it. Writing is just part of who we are and that all seems pretty matter-of-fact and mundane—to us. As has often been pointed out to me “there is not in every man that knowledge”.

Don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not saying writers are smarter than other people. Many of us, however, are blind to a certain degree when it comes to what we do. That’s why we often find ourselves scratching our heads and wondering why people find writers interesting.

I never get tired of people asking me where I get my ideas, or how is it possible to fill up all those pages with words. I honestly don’t understand it but there is a mystique that goes with being a writer. Maybe it’s the fact that we still have conversations with invisible friends, or that we can teleport to unseen worlds.

That is pretty cool. Of course, growing up, I never wanted to fit in. I always wanted to be the guy that when people saw me, they whispered behind their hands, “that dude is weird”. Writing has made that wish come true, but for a writer that’s just everyday stuff.

The fascinating life people think I live is all done with smoke and mirrors. The only real mystery for me is whether I should tell them.

Jack LaFountain

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